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As you can see we’re in the process of constructing a new site.
It’s nothing special just yet.
But soon it will be packed with loads of resources.  These resources will include audio, video and text
Work In Progress
We’re in the process of closing down my other factual websites.  And bringing all the content together on [...]

Professional Speaker & Seminar Leader

Jonathan Halls is a dynamic and compelling speaker and lively seminar leader.
As a speaker, he will engage your conference audience with thought provoking content.  He’ll motivate leaders and staff at your conference with his down-to-earth humor and rugged streak of realism.
Jonathan’s style as a speaker is part talk show host and part college professor.  He’s [...]

Free Video Podcasts

Watch videos of Jonathan Halls.  He talks on a range of subjects including business creativity, leadership, communication and media.
Why Business Creativity is Critical to Your Future
Business creativity is a critical skill for anyone who wants to build success in today’s complex and changing business environment.  Speaker, writer and trainer, Jonathan [...]