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Welcome to

As you can see we’re in the process of constructing a new site.

It’s nothing special just yet.

But soon it will be packed with loads of resources.  These resources will include audio, video and text

Work In Progress

We’re in the process of closing down my other factual websites.  And bringing all the content together on this one site.

We’re also bringing together articles from my old website,  We took that website off the air about a year ago.  However, we’re re-publishing its articles because people ask for them.

This site will be my resources center based around the work I do as a keynote speaker, trainer and writer.

It will feature articles, fact sheets, tip sheets and other helpful information designed to help you be better at:

  • leadership
  • communication
  • new media
  • innovation & creativity

So, is my official business site. You can learn all about the courses and services my Alexandria based training company offers by visiting that site.

My Ideas

And is where you’ll meet me and my ideas.

You’ll find articles I’ve written and in a format that is less about my business and more about yours.

Naturally, I’d welcome an opportunity to work with you.  But I haven’t written these articles as ‘advertorials’.

These articles express my ideas and thoughts on how we can create the future.  They are about what we need to do differently in all spheres of life.

So this site reflects my passion about how we need to think differently in today’s world.  In the areas of media, communication, leadership and innovation.

Plus this site will offer loads of resources to help you way after we’ve spent time together in one of my seminars or at one of my keynotes.

Watch Out!

In the next month you’ll see this site take shape.  If you have any comments or thoughts, I’d love to know!


Jonathan Halls

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