Free Audio Seminars

Want to learn about leadership, media, innovation and communication from your desktop?  Listen to my free audio seminars.  I teach, speak and coach people on both multimedia and organizational success.

Learn more about multimedia and podcasting by going to my Podcasting secrets page.  Click on the link below.  Take charge of your career and improve your leadership, communication and innovation skills.  Click on the link below to visit my Organizational Success Podcasts page below.

Podcasts on Organizational Success

Hear Jonathan Halls talk about skills you need for organizational skills.  His audio seminars cover topics from how to come up with great ideas to how to manage your time intelligently.  CLICK HERE to see the topics currently available.

Podcasts on Podcasting Secrets

Jonathan has taught media and communication for twenty years.  Draw on his experience as a former training executive at the BBC with his series of free seminars.  CLICK HERE to see the topics currently available

Take High Quality Versions With You!

If sitting at your desk is not the ideal place for you to listen, why not listen to in your car?

Our audio seminars can be enjoyed wherever you have the Internet.  But they can’t be downloaded.  And to keep file size low, they’re published on the web at AM radio quality.

So we’ve taken the original high quality audio files that were used to produce our podcasts and turned them into high quality CDs.  That way, you can listen to our podcasts anywhere you want.

CLICK HERE to buy high audio quality CD copies.  They don’t feature ads in the audio and can be listened to anywhere.