There’s this old saying about cobblers’ children – have you heard it? While cobblers work all day to fix everyone’s shoes, their kids run barefoot.

I guess when it comes to media I have the cobbler’s syndrome. You see, despite having worked in media now for two decades, I haven’t been very diligent in keeping track of what publications and websites I’ve been featured in.

However, people email me and tell me they saw me or read something. So, sporadically, I’ve kept some notes and here’s a collection of websites for reference that somewhere or other mention me or make reference to something I’ve done or said.

If you see anything that’s not listed – I’d love to know about it.  Please send it along so I can include.


Collection of Media References

BBC News

sfn Blog

Editor & Publisher

Emerald Academic Journal

Research Clinic

Times South African Guardian

IP Top Awards

Association for Strategic Planning

All Business

Trainers Tech Talk


International Newsroom Summit

ATVN Poland,.cz.2.ram

LFM (Germany)

World Association of Newspaper (Russia)

Find News

DHA (Germany),433

Cybertext Newsletter

Media Management Institute

I Miedzynarodwa Konferncja AITN – Academic Internet Television Network