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Watch videos of Jonathan Halls.  He talks on a range of subjects including business creativity, leadership, communication and media.

Why Business Creativity is Critical to Your Future

Business creativity is a critical skill for anyone who wants to build success in today’s complex and changing business environment.  Speaker, writer and trainer, Jonathan Halls makes a few comments on how just generating ideas is only part of the equation.  CLICK HERE to see the video.

The 3 Skills You need to Create Future Success

The word is changing fast.  And while some things will never change some thing have.  And dramatically.  What are the three skills you need to ensure survival in tomorrow’s workplace as a leader?  CLICK HERE to see the video as Jonathan discussed the critical skills that you can learn to face the future head on.

What You Need to Build Your Podcast Studio

Podcast Studios do not require the expensive equipment of their ancestor, the radio studio.  Your podcast studio, in fact, can be built for less than a hundred dollars.  In this video, Jonathan outlines the essentials gear you need to start podcasting today.  CLICK HERE to watch.

How to Find the Best Trainer

Good trainers  bring a balance of both subject matter expertise and adult education skills.  So it’s critical when you hire a trainer for your company that you make sure they don’t just understand the subject, but understand how to create learning that sticks.  Likewise, you need to be sure they have real subject matter expertise and experience – you don’t want them merely teaching out of a textbook.  CLICK HERE for tips from Jonathan Halls